Girona Museums

Museum of Cinema
See 'Original Version Cinema' post in 'Days Out' section for more.
From Chinese shadows to the Lumière brother's camera, there are many fascinating and amusing inventions that you can now see in Girona at the Museum of the Cinema. One of the Europe's most important collections and a visit recommended for everyone and all ages.

City of Girona History Museum

The aim of Girona City History Museum is to show the evolution of the city, starting with the first human remains found in the area and continuing right up to the transition to democracy after the Franco dictatorship, and to portray the society that brought it all about. The fourteen exhibition rooms, arranged in chronological order, are complemented by theme rooms such as those dedicated to industrial Girona/pioneer city, sardana dancing and cobla bands, and contemporary Girona. It's more interesting than it sounds! The website is also very clear, informative on Catalan history and in English!

Jewish History Museum of Girona
The Museum's eleven galleries form an itinerary allowing visitors to learn about aspects of the everyday life, culture and history of the Jewish communities of Catalonia and of Girona during medieval times. It is housed on the site of the 3rd medieval Synagogue of Girona. The website also has lots of information on the different sections of the musuem. An enjoyable visit when you go to visit the 'call' or Jewish quarter of Girona.

Art Museum of Girona
A very pleasant, quiet place to visit, starting with pre-romanesque art pieces found mostly in the surrounding areas, going through the centuries up to the 20th and with explanations in each room of the pieces and the period, in English.

Museum- Treasure of the Cathedral
Collections of religious art showing liturgical art of the cathedral through its history. The most famous piece is the Tapestry of Creation - the cathedral audio-guide is worthwhile.

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