Mon Oncle Bar-Restaurant

I was running late. It was 8.45pm and i was due to pick Manel up from work at 9 at the other end of town.The car was parked at the highest point of Girona above the university, the pizza takeaway (Dolce Vita, Plaça Independencia) was a good 10 minute walk from where i was in the old town. So, 'just to see', i asked the young waitress in 'Mon Oncle' if they had any takeaway food. Thinking on her feet, she suggested some Calamares a la Andaluza (much better than 'a la Romana') and her boss, who was trying to have a bowl of appetizing pasta, jumped up and found some plastic takeaway tubs. She said '7 minutes' and left me to read the paper. She handed it to me with delicious bread, threw in some lemon and napkins and i left to hike the 10 minutes uphill. I arrived late, but the calamars were absolutely delicious - tender calamar, crunchy coating, well salted, plenty of it and still warm. Another day, we won't rush it, because i anticipate good tapas and salads here, in a very 'tranqui' and attractive bar-cum-informal restaurant, even with soft lighting (!) coupled with a very on-the-ball and extremely pleasant staff. Like it!

This is the address: c/Mercaders, 13
Tel: 34 972 20 63 14

It's in a parallel road to the Rambla, on your right as you approach from Plaça Catalunya. There's a big square which turns into a terrace in summer.
PS Recently it's been very slow, so maybe don't bother until they get the message....

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