Els Angels Sanctuary - walk it from Gironalet Apartment

These are the directions in English. We did this walk (when not that fit), there and back in 5 hours with a long lunch break at the top not included! We estimated 19kms, but it’s more like 22km. It’s an up and down walk, not difficult, with the sanctuary where Dali and Gala married, at the top. The restaurant is basic but pleasant and acceptable food, not expensive. You can walk it from the apartment doorstep. When we walked this about 12 years ago, we thought we’d just walk an hour and turn back, but we were animated to continue by other walkers, so we ended up at the top with about 600 pesetas on us. We asked in the restaurant if there was anything we could eat for this pittance and were told to sit down and served with a wonderful paella and even a glass of wine I think. We were pathetically grateful and have fond memories ever since!

NB: If this is too long, or its' just too hot for it, just do the first part to the Monastery to Sant Daniel and have lunch at Cul del Mon restaurant (or a coffee break). It's a very beautiful area very near the centre of Girona.

Taken from the Palau Robert Route sheets.
Distance: 22.35 km. Ascent: 700.0 m. Duration: 5/6 h. 
From Sant Daniel valley you climb up to Els Àngels sanctuary, from where you have a fine panoramic view of Les Gavarres, the Empordà plain and, farther off, Les Guilleries and the Pyrenees. The route goes through the Gavarres massif with holm oak, strawberry trees and box. 
You leave Girona from the church of Sant Pere de Galligants and take the road for Sant Daniel. 
On the left you see the Archaeological walk and the cathedral. After 5 minutes, taking the road to the right, you pass Font del Bisbe and keep straight on. You follow the 
signs to Els Àngels sanctuary, straight on, and pass the signposted path to Sant Miquel castle. After 25 minutes you pass under the N-II tunnel and after 40 minutes you come to a fork: either of the two signposted branches, the Els Àngels road or the old Els Àngels road, leads to the sanctuary. Along the way you find stretches with the white and red marks of a GR (Grande Randonnée path). You come to L'Olivet d'en Salgueda, 1 hour 10 minutes, from where you have fine views of the city of Girona. A signposted road 
on the left goes up to Sant Miquel castle. You go down 400 metres and take a path on the left to Els Àngels. You come out onto the road from Girona to Els Àngels (la GIV-6703) after 1 hour 15 minutes, carry on for 60 metres to the left and take a signposted path. You pass Casa de les Figues, now deserted, along stretches of dirt and asphalt: you always follow the signs. After 2 hours 20 minutes you come to La Mare de Déu dels Àngels sanctuary, the end of the route. From here you retrace your steps. 

To cycle, see 'Cycling from Girona' section.

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