Tasca Gallega - Tapas and Fish

It's a hard life here in Girona. Having guests, what to do on a Saturday morning? Of course there's the indoor market and then the outdoor market, stretching along one of the 3 rivers, but what about lunch? Our guests were not used to doing much for lunch and we thought we were for it, but around 2 o'clock everyone admitted to being a little peckish and we thought we'd try a tapas restaurant, highly recommended by some of our cyclist visitors. It's just off Pla├ža Independencia, you can see it from the cafe Royal on the corner.
It's extremely attractive, very small and though empty when we arrived, was full within the hour.
Not wanting to over order we asked for calamars a la andaluza, calamars a la planxa (we ordered for one and ended up repeating twice!), patatas bravas and various other seafoods. It was all delicious and they were happy to allow us to order as much or as little as we wanted. More robust appetites also catered for, and we all said we'd be back for an evening meal to do the place more justice. The only negative on just the one visit so far, was the slow service, but because everything was cooked to order and from a small kitchen. Don't go if you're in a hurry, but do go. The website in English is quite amusing as well!


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