Roman Girona Walk - the Força Vella                                                                                                          liza brown
Follows the ‘Força Vella’ circumference. Means the original Roman precinct (1st   C BC and 3rd C AD) with Carolingian (9th and 10th  C) and some Medieval (14th C) on top
Land enclosed by the 4 rivers – Güell, Ter, Onyar, Galligants
Pujada del Rei Marti
(leads into cathedral square from North)

Sobreportes Gateway
N Entrance of Via Augusta
Roman square towers inside 14th C round ones.
Roman wall visible under arch – large sandstone blocks – end 3rd C (against Germanic tribes)
Ferran el Católic
Roman tower
Sant Pere Galligants Church
Archaeological Museum (Roman bits…)
Torre Gironella
(views of Sant Daniel Valley)
Highest point of original precinct
1 square Roman tower, a partial arcade (maybe part of an aqueduct), remains of a similar tower below Telegraph Tower
(Jardins de Joan Fuster)
Remains of 1st C BC foundational wall (80-70BC during Sertorian Wars). Via Augusta originally called Via Heràclia.
City founded by Roman General Gneu Pompeu Magne
University car park
Pati de les Aligues
Roman wall
Remains from all periods.
Plaça Sant Doménec
Roman Wall, square tower and Gate ‘Porta Rufina’ (was to the right of tower) 3rd C sandstone blocks
Nice shady café (!)
Pujada Sant Domenec

Take next right up and back track (Escola Pia)
Roman tower
Plaça del Correu Vell
Gate (gone)
S entrance to Via Augusta
Main entrance and exit to Roman Gerunda
Quatre Cantons

c/ Ballesteries
Originally this street was outside the Roman wall. The riverside walls were built in the 14th C and left the street in between the 2 walls.
Various towers – 1 visible between no. 42 & 44 (3rd C AD now 14th C)
Remains of 3rd C Roman tower – go inside no. 24-26 doorway on the right side – large sandstone blocks)
Pujada Sant Feliu
Roman sewer
Wall next to Sobreportes Gate – large polygonal blocks of numulite  - 1st C BC (foundational wall)
Numulitic stone from Girona quarries
Sant Feliu Church
8 Roman sarcophagi near altar
Church built on Roman burial ground outside wall
C / de la Força
(go through Sobreportes Gate and continue straight)
Cardo maximus
Girona History Museum (3rd C mosaic)

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