It's taken us a while to get round to trying this one. We arrived at 2pm on a Thursday afternoon and it was quite empty until 3 ish. Now Girona is on the map, at least half the lunchers were Brits but it was not a tourist menu or atmosphere. The food, service and ambience was great and it deserves its' popularity. The dishes are to share and are very generous - we shared 'els escalivats'  (goats' cheese and roasted vegetable tart with a pile of interesting salad stuffs) between us, having seen our neighbours' arrive and then a 'mini dessert' and we were satisfied and mellow.  A little bit of Led Zeppelin on low in the background never hurt anyone either. Next time  the levee breaks i fancy the 'rap' (monkfish) with caramelised onion and potato, thank you very much. Deciding what you'll be having next time, before leaving the restaurant is always a good sign..
15€ per person with a glass of wine.

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