Girona Temps de Flor (9-17th May 2015)

Every year Girona has a week in May for artistic floral displays to be seen all over the town. 
The most important aspect of this week is the opening up to the public of all the hidden patios of the Old Town and many of the secret passages of the Jewish Quarter, filled with flowers and visitors. They are very atmospheric, though i officially complain here and now that more natural plants and flowers should be used. Catalans have an unfortunate penchant for artificial flowers. However, many of the displays are more 'art' than flora and the toilet brush display in one of the medieval Jewish houses, is still a highlight for me. I am always impressed by the whole-hearted and time-consuming participation of the people and associations in these cultural events in Catalunya and Spain. There is a decent route map you can follow, but it's usually so hot, what with the sun and the extra bodies an' all, you won't need to consult it. Go with the flow... Just don't expect to eat a decent lunch (at the weekends) and reserve a table for supper, if so inclined. 
One of the spaces in the city decorated with flowers during the festival. Girona.

Images from 2014

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