Tondo 100% cycle routes 2013

The annual and ever more popular memorial ride for Xavi Tondo set off this morning from Sant Joan les Fonts, with i believe around 1,200 participants! On the web is a list of the professional cyclists who also participated. The date for this event is easy to remember because it is always just after the Vuelta a EspaƱa and the participants are not usually that interested in the Tour of Britain for some reason. The shorter route i can vouch for myself as being well worth while, and the second part of the longer one, just not altogether! 

Capsacosta should not be missed. When you reach Sant Pau de Seguries on the other side of the mountain, having passed the old Mai Bosc restaurant, you descend into what looks like Switzerland. You pass the Roman road but be aware you might come face to face with a deer or two, as you round a silent curve in the road. Obviously, for many of you, starting from Girona is not a problem. Enjoy and think of Xavi Tondo from time to time.