Girona Modernist Route - Masó

This is a very enjoyable little stroll around the centre of Girona....looking up. It's a route hinted at on the Casa Masó website, but which they couldn't be bothered to explain properly, that or they are very reluctant to give out information without obliging you to pay a guide. Even if you're not into architecture, it's a relaxing way of seeing the town. I am devoting my blogging life to exposing the secrets of Girona. 
Here is a list of the buildings (there are more, but maybe not so interesting to look at), built by Masó in the Modernist and 'Noucentista' style and in a different order to that presented on the Casa Masó site. I've added information to help with finding it and a couple of photos. The route can start anywhere really, though the route i suggest is probably the most efficient from the apartment.  Back with a map soon!
Masó Modernist Route

Apt block Salieti 1914
C / de la Neu,1
Don’t know yet why it’s called Snow Street. Between c/Ciudans and c/ Mercaders and now belonging to Neus apparently!

Galeria de bells oficis 1919
C / dels Germans Busquets, 2
Snicket off the top of the Rambla by ‘Imaginarium’ and in front of the tourist office. Look inside.
didn't find this one first time round
Farmacia masó-puig (saguer) 1908
C / Argenteria, 29
Just next to the bridge over to Plaça Independencia, a gem – go inside and buy something

Apt block Ribas Crehuet 1927
C / de la Força, 6
A bit further down from the ‘Via Augusta’ restaurant, on the other side of the road

Casa masó 1910-19
C / Ballesteries
Next door to ‘Terra’ café/bar (and don’t miss the entrance way on the opposite side of the street, containing the remains of a roman tower (3rd C).
This is the back - from the river bridge, it's the big white and blue building with orange shutters.

Apt block Cots 1924-28
C /  Santa Clara, 53
‘Nespresso’, don’t join the queue to buy anything.

Apt block batlle 1909
C / Fontanilles, 2
Off c/ Nou, on the corner in front of the Claustre Art Gallery. Bat man lives here!
Casa corominas 1927
Plaça Marques de Camps, 2
Soon! Haven’t finished, I do other things you know!
 to be honest this is as far as i've got...back next week
Casa gispert saüch 1921
C / Jaume I, 66
YOU find it!

Casa colomer 1927
C / Barcelona, 7

Farinera i casa d'Alfons Teixidor 1910
C/ Santa Eugenia, 42
Marvellous, not to be missed façade, and the café’s great too. On Wednesday mornings, expats meet here –all visitors

La punxa apt block 1918-22
C / Santa Eugenia, 19
This is on the opposite side of the road, to the right as you leave no 11.

Casa encesa 1913-32
C / Barcelona, 68
Watch this space!

Tanca del cementiri 1917-19
C / Sant Feliu de Guixols, 17
Too far on foot, you need a car to drive towards Quart or Sant Feliu

More photos -

double bedroom with window onto terrace

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all bedrooms have inbuilt spacious cupboards

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while you're waiting for the others
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holiday reading

parking available (not vans or 4x4s)

a couple of shops in the same street

Devesa Pool photos

piscina municipal de la devesa Girona (13 minutes' walk from the apartment)
Prices 2013:

- child 4,90 €
- Adult 6,85 €
- Pensioner 3,40 €

Port Bou, Platja de Garbet, Vilanova de la Muga

you are what we were, we are what you will be - commonly found in graveyards
 Portbou is not now the prettiest of destinations (there's a lot of competition on the Costa Brava), despite being 'the most beautiful place' Hannah Arendt had ever seen in 1940. However, it is home to one of the most impactful monuments i have ever seen, that to the German philosopher, Walter Benjamin. I won't spoil it here by showing you the monument - it needs the context. Definitely worth the visit. 

There is a Walter Benjamin route but there's little information, so better read up a little before visiting. Suffice to say, Benjamin died in the Hotel in Portbou while fleeing France at the beginning of the War. He was trying to cross Spain to get to Portugal but his party was held up at the border. The hotel is still standing.
We had lunch in town, but it being New Year's Eve, the choice was limited.

On the way back we stopped at the Platja (beach) de Garbet.

 Then a visit to the 10th-12th Century Sant Eulalia Church In Vilanova de la Muga (just outside Figueres). The painted apse is 13th century. It's a beautiful Romanesque church.

 Here there is a 'Ruta dels Estanys', an attractive walk, taking in both sides of the Muga river.

Pedralbes Monastery and around


Montjüic Mountain Route


This was courtesy of Barcelona magazine, no longer available.
Don't forget you can get the cable car to Monjüic from the Paral.lel metro.

Barcelona Restaurants