Can Manolo

In 1958, on August 8th,  Dali married Gala in the Sanctuary at the top of Els Angels mountain. They had their reception in La Barca restaurant, now known as Can Manolo. They had assorted cold meats and pat├ęs to start, followed by seafood and chicken - the food of the rich in those times. It is still famed for its' extensive menu and traditional catalan and spanish fare. Their specialities are suckling pig and very young lamb from Burgos. They do all types of grilled meat and also fish and the dishes are huge.They haven't gone over board with the website but it gives you an idea of what
to expect.

We tried to go during the 'Fires' or fiestas of Sant Narcis, patron saint of Girona. Full up! And that with a slight walk involved! So we booked for the evening and were rewarded with the most amazingly attractive tuna and tomato salad (i mean, i wasn't expecting all that from a tuna salad, but try it and you'll want to paint it), followed by filet steaks. Desserts are satisfying though not original, the atmosphere is great. We were n't quite up to the suckling pig. We had a Figuero wine, (not oaked) recommended by the house, not exorbitant,   very enjoyable. The service was extremely kind and efficient. 

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