El Cul de la Lleona

Girona centre, beneath the steps up to the cathedral.

We recommend this restaurant - really pleasant, efficient staff, delicious targines and a comfortable, cosy and quirky atmosphere - the moroccan dessert was a little disappointing, not in quality but it could have been sweeter! Also, the restaurant is in the old town, and in summer they have a lovely terrace to sit outside. Thanks for a very enjoyable interlude for our visitors and us.

A very romantic summer supper on the terrace lit by candles and a nice breeze coming down the cathedral steps, or a cosy couscous and targine inside on a misty winter's night... 


ps. Don't bother if it's the Flower Festival (May) or some other holiday as they revert to sausage and chips mode, which was a great shame and probably fraudulant and makes my reviews look ridiculous......

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