Volcanoes, Wetlands, Romanesque... Day Out 4        

Olot is the capital of the Garrotxa and in the middle of the National Volcanic Park. The town itself is compact, of some interest for its' modernist buildings, but nothing special, except for the 4 volcanoes in the centre of town, waiting to be climbed and explored.

Start with 'Sant Francesc' as Montsacopa Volcano is known, because of the church near its' crater - a quick up and down, passing the Stations of the Cross, before lunch, perhaps! You don't need more than an hour and a bit, going slowly. 

After lunch i would recommend going to Santa Pau to walk the Croscat and Santa Margarida Volcanoes (they are together from the same car park, signposted before arriving at Santa Pau from Olot). Santa Pau is a very attractive medieval village for a stroll and supper. Be aware, however, everything is served with 'fesols' here as the town is famous for its' small beans...

If you fancied something more shaded, the Moixina wetland area, again walkable from the centre of town, is extremely beautiful and takes an hour or so, plus time for refreshments on the Moixina restaurant terrace. This is a famous area for the Olot School of landscape painters.

Olot is a walkers' and cyclists' paradise, just need more time! 

The Garrotxa area of the Girona province has loads to offer - Romanesque churches to visit, Roman roads to walk, mountains to explore.

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