Vall de Sant Daniel Walk

From the centre of Girona, head towards the church of Sant Pere de Galligants, off the Pla├ža de Sant Pere. The little road to the left of the church goes to the valley of Sant Daniel. 
Another route is to find the Gironell Tower of the wall, which is a ruin and looks like blown up grey masonry (which is in fact what it is). 
From here you can walk above and parallel to the previously mentioned road, then you veer off left into olive groves and follow the 'stations of the cross' in a bucolic setting, to arrive at Sant Daniel Monastery. Before visiting the monastery you can walk a while, discovering various 'Fonts' or springs. 
This is where you can find the 'Cul del Mon' restaurant where i sat and had a coffee with ice ('cafe amb gel') on an extremely pleasant, rural terrace. 
If you're not interested in the monastery, you can walk here for supper one evening, earning your first drink on the way, and enjoying the cool of the evening on the way back.
I intend to put more specific directions here, but for now, you have only clues.

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